Why I am Running

Phil Fortunato When you elect a State Representative you are electing someone to be your “Chief Negotiator” and “Taxpayer Representative” in Olympia. The issues have not changed since I was a State Representative in 2000. We still don’t have a solution to funding roads; government regulation and taxes are strangling small business; and elderly and disabled issues are still being used as leverage for tax increases. It’s time for a change.

In addition to the fiscal issues facing the State, we also face “Parents’ Rights” issues. If your teenager gets a ticket, you will get a notice in the mail because of me. I ran legislation to prohibit withholding medical information about children from parents and my opponent’s party called it a “bitter pill.”
How many times do we have to vote for a 2/3 majority to raise taxes? My opponent has been totally ineffective in enacting this taxpayer protection as a constitutional amendment within his own party.

It’s time for a change. I would like to ask for your vote and to be your Chief Negotiator and bring Taxpayer Representation to Olympia.