Our Children’s Future – Fixing Education

Burdensome regulation on our schools

The legislature must stop robbing education dollars to fund burdensome regulation! Our children’s future is of paramount importance, and it is incomprehensible that we would continue to pass more and more regulations on our schools and teachers, 1477 since 1976. I do not claim to be an expert on education, but I do know that you are not really giving a dollar to schools if costs them 35 cents to get that dollar from you. We must ensure that our schools can get the most from the dollars we give them. We should stop trying to micromanage our educators, let’s listen to our teachers and reduce their regulatory burden, so they can do what they do best: teach.

Funding Education

We finally have a plan that will fund education, meet the obligations of the Supreme court’s McClary decision and do it without raising taxes.  Many talk about education being a “Paramount duty” of the state.  That is why I supported the Senate Education Equality Act (SB 5607) which has been signed into law.  Education spending will now be over 50% of our General Fund budget for the first time in 40 years.

While I represent the 31st district, I have to consider the impact of my votes on the education of our children statewide.   This plan equalizes education spending per student (up to $3,080 in our district), increases teacher pay and funding for lower income children and special education needs across the state.  As a bonus to our district property taxes will be lowered for a savings between $453 to $811 in the Dieringer school district.



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