Keeping our Students Safe


We need to do more to protect our students. After the unconscionable events in the Florida school shooting, there were calls for “more reasonable” gun control. But what does that mean? There are already 20,000 gun-control laws on the books nationwide. Wasn’t the last citizens’ initiative supposed to be the law that keeps us safer? The reality is that the “enhanced background checks” or bans on scary-looking guns will not make our students safer tomorrow.

That is why I introduced Senate Bill 6622, the Student Safety and Protection Act. My proposal would provide funding and create standardized training for school districts on how to respond to an active shooter threat with either an armed or an unarmed response. There are already ten school districts in Eastern Washington that currently have armed some staff or are considering it. An armed response may not be what all districts want, but my proposal would simply provide a training program developed by professionals that deal with bad guys for a living and reimburse districts for cost to participate in the program. We must teach our children and school staff a realistic approach to protect themselves. Our children should be safe at school but if the worst happens, they should know how to respond.

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