Sound Transit 3 – More Taxes, Less Accountability

Despite its unpopularity, too many in Olympia are more concerned about protecting an unaccountable Sound Transit Board than taxpayers. Our district voted 64% against ST3. We get virtually no benefits but are stuck with skyrocketing car tabs and property taxes.


Car Tabs too High? No problem you can finance your payments.

Rather than deliver any meaningful relief for families struggling with the inflated car tabs, they proposed allowing you to finance your car tabs on a payment plan, charging you interest on your taxes! They are hurting retiree and family budgets and IT MUST STOP! I will continue to fight Sound Transit and lower your car tab taxes and get us out of Sound Transit.


We need to:

• Elect the Sound Transit Board
• Re-Vote if over budget

My bill, SB 5892, would allow voters the opportunity to affirm or cancel projects that are more than 20% over budget after two years, which would actually be closer to 45 percent over. It’s really a simple concept that puts you, the voters first and Sound Transit’s allies don’t like it. They know they are constantly over time and over budget.