Transportation funding: Just Say “NO” to a Mileage Tax

Fund Transportation with existing tax dollars and quit raising our taxes!

You don’t have to drive much to see that our transportation system needs work. Sound Transit 3, with all its taxes, won’t solve the problem. They are out of ideas except for toll lanes, which really are just fast-lanes for the rich, to transit that doesn’t get people where they need to go, to the worst of all a Mileage Tax, then they can fix our roads. The only way a mileage can work is with a GPS in your car. I will fight to stop this tax and intrusive GPS tracking which also keeps track if you are violating speed limits, Big Brother is watching!


Here is how to Fund Transportation with the existing revenue you already give Olympia. As cars become more fuel efficient or people drive more electric cars, gas-tax revenues will decline. Using your existing car sales tax to fund roads would provide a stable, inflation-linked funding source dedicated to transportation and solve the funding problem and reduce congestion.